About Us

Since 1987, Space Coast Early Intervention Center’s purpose has been and continues to be the education of children with and without disabilities in an inclusion environment.

Until the last quarter of the 20th Century, it was believed that the needs of children with disabilities and typically developing/gifted children alike were best served by segregating the two groups.  However, the last three decades of research has consistently disproven this theory.

At SCEIC, we believe that every child of every ability deserves individualized instruction and benefits from inclusive classroom environments.  Our unique inclusion program provides equal learning opportunities for all children, regardless of ability, to ensure they receive the academic and social skills needed to succeed in life.


SCEIC is an APPLE accredited Gold Seal Quality preschool.  APPLE stands for the Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment, and it is awarded by the Florida Association for Child Care Management.  Our APPLE accreditation status means that we have taken additional steps to surpass the minimum local state and county licensing requirements to ensure the highest quality educational environment for your child.

SCEIC combines the benefits of large classrooms, low student to teacher ratios, adaptive equipment, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative teaching methods to provide quality educational experiences from which all students can benefit.  Typically developing and gifted students act as “Role Models” for those with disabilities in their classes and each child is able to learn at his/her own pace with unique goals based on individual abilities.  We fit the program to match the needs of the child.  Working with therapists, behaviorists, and early interventionists, our highly qualified preschool teachers use a variety of techniques to meet the needs of each student.

Space Coast Early Intervention Center (SCEIC) provides the organization that volunteers and donors need to provide children with and without special needs a unique, individualized and inclusive educational experience.

Space Coast Early Intervention Center (SCEIC) is a preschool and Kindergarten for children with and without disabilities.  Our unique inclusion program provides equal learning opportunities for all children, regardless of ability, to ensure they receive the academic and social skills needed to succeed in life.

Best of Both Worlds
Traditional models for children with special needs focus on one-to-one therapy.  While individual therapy is still a vital part of the day for our special needs children, equally important are the opportunities for social development that occurs with peer interaction.  Through curriculum and play, our students learn social skills necessary for successful friendships to develop.  Students learn appropriate behavior and have daily opportunities to develop and strengthen basic skills while working to meet their IEP goals. All children are assessed with various appropriate tools to measure achievement outcomes.

How can a typical student benefit from SCEIC?
We refer to our typically developing preschool students as role models”.  Role model students benefit from SCEIC’s inclusive, high-quality educational program as much as our special needs children do.  Our students learn realistic and accurate views of individuals with disabilities as they see models of those who succeed in spite of challenges.


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