After School Program

The  After-School Program is designed to provide stimulating interactive learning activities for elementary age children with disabilities and their typically developing siblings and peers in a safe after school setting. The program runs from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Meet the staff.

The inclusive After-School program goals are to offer children with mental, physical and social delays and their typical peers opportunities to engage in meaningful creative learning activities in a structured non-stressful environment.

Weekly, children from local elementary schools will participate in a variety of activities in small groups with adult leaders. Every child will be checked in at arrival and offered snack and down time until arrival of all participants.

Children with disabilities are eligible for transportation to SCEIC’s facility by the Brevard Public School Bus System if they are in the 2 mile radius feeder zone of SCEIC. Coordination for special needs transportation is set up between the parent and their elementary school’s transportation coordinator.

Activities scheduled weekly will include:

Science and Technology Center is a project based daily activity that focuses on environmental awareness. Fun projects involve recycling everyday materials you can reuse on a daily basis. Ecological awareness is at the heart of this program; saving the planet, reducing pollution, understanding how nature works, how to re-use materials that we throw away to make new products. A trip to the Recycle Center will be scheduled. Every child’s family will be asked to help the participant to collect a list of everyday materials that most everyone throws away to bring in and recycle into a useful product that will be displayed and then sent home to use.

Pottery/Art Class is held twice a week on campus at SCEIC. Sensory input, fine motor muscle use, working with the clay, three dimensional creative thinking, and assemblage of artwork in a creative play environment are just some of the activities. Activities allow children opportunities to build their auditory and visual abilities, follow direction, and develop language and social skills.  This activity helps increase self-esteem through the accomplishment of a finished end product that can be displayed. Each child will make a piece of pottery that will be glazed and fired in a kiln for display at the school and then for home.

Imaginary Play/Social Growth Time: Throughout the week, all children will have the opportunity to exercise their imagination and just play with materials that will help them explore themselves and their creative sides. With the intense push for academics in their regular school day, this age group is eager for experiences that allow their imagination to run and explore playing with each other. Puppetry centers will enhance language usage, and social / emotional regulation.