Ms. Melissa’s Toddler Two Class

Ms. Melissa works with toddlers of varying abilities to ensure they meet age appropriate milestones in cognitive, gross and fine motor, language, social/emotional and sensory integration.  Here are some of the ways we help students meet age appropriate milestones.


  • matching same shapes and pictures
  • sorting by category
  • comparison- short/long, large/small
  • identify 5 colors and sounds
  • following two-step directions
  • answering simple who, what, where questions

Gross Motor

  • holding a rail while climbing up and down steps
  • balancing on a balance beam- sideways, front and backwards
  • throwing a small ball
  • throwing a ball

Fine Motor

  • draw in a circular scribble
  • imitation
  • demonstrating vertical and horizontal strokes
  • using fingerpaints for up and down motions


  • following simple commands-playing “Simon Says”
  • answering simple questions- where does the milk go?
  • tell a story
  • imitating repetition of sounds
  • using in, out, on, under, up, down, etc
  • add ‘s’ to form plural words


  • increasing time spent playing near other children
  • showing independence “I can do it”
  • picks up toys on request
  • imitate domestic activities
  • choose toys independently or use visual cues to request help
  • engage in pretend play
  • discriminate between boy/girl
  • identifies self in mirror

Sensory Integration

  • handling a variety of textures including water, sand, play-doh
  • using sensory room to experience multi-color lights and music for calming

Self-Care Skills

  • uses gestures and words to indicate needs
  • attempts to put shoes on
  • unzips and zips larger zippers
  • wash  hands with assistance
  • dries hands independently