Fundraising 1,2,3

How do I raise money for the ride?

It’s actually very easy to get friends and families, businesses and co-workers to sponsor you on the ride.  Follow these 3 steps and read our fundraising model below to help you get started.

1.  Step One-Create your fundraising page.  Write a short story telling people what has inspired you to ride for the kids and how they can help, too.  Tell potential sponsors why the cause matters – (something like this will do fine:  Space Coast Early Intervention Center in the only preschool of its kind in the area.  They believe in inclusion and strive to ensure that all students, including those  with disabilities and developmental delays receive the support they need to be successful.  Typically developing students serve as role models, and they, too, benefit from the high quality educational and nurturing environment.)

2.  Set a goal.  The average amount of money raised on an individual cycling page is $350.  Set a high goal!  (We have prizes for each level of fundraising, too!)

3.  ASK!  Send the link out to friends and family, post it to your facebook, linked in, and other social media.  Repost weekly.  People get busy and they forget.  Remind them by posting your progress toward the goal on a weekly basis.

How to RAISE OVER $100 in 5 days

Day One

Donate to yourself…..$10

Day Two

Ask your immediate relatives including your spouse, parents, and siblings to sponsor you – $30.00

Day Three

Have your five of your closest friends sponsor you for $10.00 each: Total – $50.00

Day Four

Ask for donations from your coworkers & boss (give them a chance to support a good cause, too!) -$25.00

Day Five

Tell members of your church, temple, any organization you belong to, your neighbors and facebook friends that you are going to ride and ask for contributions to meet your goal: Total – $25.00

It’s that EASY, but it MEANS SO MUCH.

$100 pays for:

• One weeks worth of snacks for our students

• Six months worth of finger paint for our classrooms

• One tank of gas for the SCEIC bus for field trips

• 15 days of security and fire alarm monitoring to keep our students safe

• A third teaching assistant – per day, per class, so our students can receive individualized care

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