EE 2 & 3’s

Ms. Melissa works with toddlers of varying abilities to ensure they meet age appropriate milestones in cognitive, gross and fine motor, language, social/emotional and sensory integration.  Here are some of the ways we help students meet age appropriate milestones.


  • matching same shapes and pictures
  • pointing to pictures in books
  • comparison- short/long, large/small
  • simple counting
  • follwing  one and two-step directions
  • answering simple who, what, where questions

Gross Motor

  • balance
  • run 10 feet
  • jump, hop
  • throw a ball

Fine Motor

  • ripping paper
  • moving cotton balls with large tongs
  • peeling stickers
  • spray and wipe tables
  • wash hands
  • hold paper with one hand while coloring


  • identify friends by saying their name
  • identify boy/girl
  • tell peers it is time to clean up
  • ask for help


  • wait for turn
  • playing with other children
  • hand out and collect items
  • ask a peer for snacks

Sensory Integration

  • wiping foam soap on mirror
  • pain table tops with hands
  • sand, water play
  • slime, rubber bugs and play-doh