Meet the Staff

Lead Teacher
Kailyn Hall 

SCEIC welcomed Ms. Kailyn Hall to our team in 2015. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Kailyn is a firm believer in creating an environment that is tailored to the interests of the individual students and strives to create an atmosphere that is consistent in schedule, discipline and expectations with lots of positive reinforcement.

Ms. Hall began her teaching career in 2006 as an assistant in a child care center. In 2008 she undertook her first Lead position as a teacher in a 3 year old class. Since then, she’s taught one year olds and school age children, but enjoys the 3 year olds most of all. “When I’m in a three year old classroom I feel like I’m at home- right where I belong. A 3 year old is in a wonderful transitional period where they develop a love of learning. They are inquisitive by nature and you really see their creativity coming to life.”

Kailyn has a special interest in Autism. She has a puzzle piece, the symbol for autism awareness, tattooed on her back! Her first introduction to children on the autistic spectrum was in 2008 when a student diagnosed with the disorder enrolled in her class. Her interest was piqued. “I needed to learn more about how to work with children on the spectrum. How can I develop effective techniques to teach children that will engage and not distract? I feel like it’s important to create a classroom that is both adaptive to special needs children and yet not take anything away from a quality general education program.”

Kailyn is looking forward to continuing her professional development by gaining hands-on experience working in a fully inclusive school like SCEIC. She is excited to learn from her new colleagues and hopes to also bring a new perspective and ideas to our team.

Teaching Assistants

Tocarra Lusk

Tocarra holds an AS degree  in Early Childhood Education. She has her FCCPC and is VPK certified. Tocarra has been with SCEIC since 2012 working in our aftercare program with the 3 -5 year olds. Tocarra has worked in the 2 year old room as well as the 3 year old class.  Tocarra has a presence with the children and uses positive motivation techniques with her gentle voice.  Tocarra always has a smile on her face and a natural rapport with children of all ages.


Pepper Anderson

Growing up in Germany in a military family, Pepper brings a world’s eye view to SCEIC. After living abroad, including spending a year in China, she decided to move back to the states in 2012. She has her BA in Political Science with a concentration in education from the University of West Florida.

She spent the majority of her summers working with children diagnosed with autism. She also has experience working with the deaf as a camp counselor, and is fluent in American Sign Language. “I’m so excited about working with the three year old children because they are so inquisitive and receptive to so many different approaches.”