SCEIC uses HighScope Preschool Curriculum, Learning Without Tears, and Conscious Discipline in our programs.



HighScope is an active participatory learning approach to teaching, designed around key development indicators in the following eight content areas:

Language, Literacy, and Communication

Talking to others about experiences; writing in a variety of ways; reading stories and symbols; dictating and making up stories and poems; anticipating, remembering, and describing a sequences of events.

Social and Emotional Development

Taking care of one’s own needs; expressing feelings with words; building relationships; participating in collaborative play; working through conflict

Physical Development and Health

Motor skills and movement; moving objects; describing movement; moving to a beat; moving in sequence


Comparing (shorter/longer, bigger/smaller); arranging patterns; fitting objects through trial and error; comparing numbers in a set (fewer/more); counting; filling and emptying; interpreting spatial relationships; changing shape of objects; describing positions, directions and distances from a variety of viewpoints; learning about time by starting and stopping an action on signal; describing rates of movement and comparing time intervals;.

Science and Technology

Recognizing objects by sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell; describing similarities, differences, and attributes of objects; distinguishing shapes; sorting and matching; describing characteristics something does not possess or what class it does not belong to; exploring and manipulating mediums to create new products; learning about cause and effect

Social Studies

Participating in group routines: being sensitive to the feelings, interests, and needs of others

Creative Arts

Making models out of clay, blocks, and other materials; relating models to real objects; drawing and painting; pretend play and role playing; imitation; moving to music; singing songs; playing musical instruments.



Learning Without Tears

Learning Without Tears is used in all of our Pre K classrooms. Certified instructors work with our staff to teach students fine motor skills and handwriting skills. Students learn skills that improve body awareness, crayon grip, drawing, building, letter and number recognition, capital letter and number formation and much more.


Conscious Discipline

Our classrooms utilize aspects of Conscious Discipline which teaches children the social-emotional and communication skills necessary to manage themselves, resolve conflict and develop positive social behaviors.