Summer Camp 2017

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We are hosting a summer camp for students of all abilities 5—10 years of age.  These campers will be involved in fun educational hands on activities in a positive social setting.  At the end of each 2 week session, these students will be attending a field trip to expand their experience.  

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Session one:  Space Exploration



3..2..1..Blast off to explore what planets are made of, what it is like to be an astronaut, and what a universe is. Exciting exploration activities are awaiting you! Come climb into our rocket ship of campers and take a journey with us into space!

   Field trip—Kennedy Space Center


Session Two: Travel Adventures


   Let’s go on an adventure!  Hop aboard and go on a trip around the world and back.  During our travels you will experience being a pirate, camping in the woods, and travel to far away lands.  All campers will work together on finding geographical locations on a map by using tools, and plan activities to help them get there.

   Field Trip:  Treasure Museum / Camp night at school


Session Three: Animal Antics


   Ever wonder why animals behave the way they do?  We will research and study animals in their natural habitat and journal what we learn.  How about being a veterinarian?  What do they do?  Let’s discover together all sorts of animal antics.

   Field Trip:  Local Ranch / Brevard Zoo


Session Four: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

7/10/17— 7/21/17

   STEM! Campers, do you want to see what it would be like to become a scientist, mathematician, or engineer?  Come along and explore properties of materials, force and motion, special reasoning, weight of objects, robotics, and much more….

   Field trip:  TBD


Session Five: Water Conservation




Campers!  Florida needs our help with water conservation.  Come with us as well learn how to help save our Indian River Lagoon and beaches.  We will study the ecosystem and how it works, talk to conservationists, and explore animals that live in these areas.

   Field Trip: Fishing / Sebastian Inlet

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3790 Dairy Road, Melbourne, FL  32904