Brain Training

Processing and Cognitive Enhancement

When school is going well, and homework is a snap, life is better for everyone.

So, why struggle or rely on tutors when there is an effective, long-lasting solution?

You’ve probably heard the “S.M.A.R.T.” acronym about how to increase the chances of making your New Year’s resolutions stick.  Goals should be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Related.  While most people try to apply these objectives to the typical weight loss program, financial freedom, or finally writing the next great American novel, you could break away from the pack and make this the year to improve your brain.

Cognitive skills training (also known as “personal brain training”) incorporates immediate feedback, intensity, and loading, among other features, to target brain skills.  Effective brain training uses exercises founded on years of clinical and scientific research.

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“The Brain Training program (at SCEIC) has helped our daughter, Katie, tremendously. She started out very frustrated with school, felt very much unfocused and extremely anxious. After just a month or two in the program, we started seeing a difference. Her confidence level started to improve; she started doing homework on her own. She went from telling us every day that she ‘hated’ school to feeling much happier.”

In 4th grade, reading and book reports became very heavy assignments. One day, out of the blue, she told us she could actually visually picture the characters in the book. We had no idea that she couldn’t do that! She probably had no idea either.

Katie’s grades went from C’s and F’s to successfully completing 4th grade with A’s, B’s, and C’s. She has now completed six months of the brain training program, and we feel this was a life-changing experience for her. We now have a more confident and happier daughter. 

If your child is struggling with school, anxious, and simply can’t express what or why they can’t get it, this program is for you.”  – Karen R.

Proccessing and Cogntive Enahancement training actually strengthens the connections your brain uses in a fun, enjoyable setting.  Our clients receive individualized attention, working one-on-one with a Brain Trainer. Brain training improves how the brain thinks, learns, and remembers, not for a single class or academic year, but for every class and in every area of life from now on.

For clients who have difficulty with reading, we offer the Master the Code program.   This highly effective phonemic awareness training program builds reading and spelling skills through techniques that train students to accurately recognize and understand letters and letter combinations, and the corresponding sounds of speech.

This special training is offered in over 500 locations across the country and has helped thousands of adults and children improve learning skills such as attention, memory, speed, reasoning, comprehension, and visual and auditory processing required for reading and spelling.
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