Reading with your child

Early learning and literacy experiences are important for young children.  Parents should read to their children every day.
This is especially important for language delayed children.  Story time can be an opportunity for busy parents and children to draw closer together.

When you read to a child they learn:

– Books are for reading
– How to hold and take care of a book
– Where to start reading
– How and when to turn pages
– Print looks different form other marks on the page
– Letter recognition
– Vocabulary and grammar development
– Language that is not here-and-now
– Reading is more formal language than conversation
– Reading is fun!

Characteristics of a good book:

– Highlights other children’s situations or environment
so that they can relate to it

– Developmentally appropriate for the child

– Simple pictures and large prints

– Predictable storyline and repeated lines

– Repeated readings

– Provides opportunity for receptive/expressive sound play

Make reading time special.
The close physical contact between you and your child may be the best part of the story experience.
Choose a good time to read. Bedtime is often a good time to relax together.

Find a comfortable place with minimal distractions.
Make sure your child can see the pictures and allow him to comment on them.

Change the pitch of your voice when speaking for different characters.
Reading is something you can do with your child that will last a lifetime.