Parents Night Out

At SCEIC, we know special children often present special challenges.  Finding quality child care for these children can sometimes be difficult.  Two Saturdays per month, from 6pm to 10pm, parents can get away to meet friends, have a quiet dinner or just catch a movie while knowing their children are well taken care of and safe.  This program is overseen by SCEIC staff.

Children with and without disabilities are welcomed.  We can watch up to 15 children aged 18 months to 9 years.  Kids can expect arts and crafts, outside play time, gym time, movies and lots of fun!

Pre-registration and payment is required at time of sign-up.  To reserve your spot on a Saturday, sign up by the Thursday prior to the day.

Please bring your child’s dinner.  Snacks will be provided.


$15.00 for the first child
$8.00 for the second child
$5.00 for the third child
Registration fee  is $25. 00 per child per year (year runs August 1 to July 31)
Our Respite Care Coordinator is Susan Wilder.