Success Stories!

Meet Carson - A Role Model Student

Meet Carson - A Role Model Student

Carson was role model student at SCEIC in 2009. His family heard about our school from a neighbor. They scheduled a tour and visited several other local preschools as well. Carson’s mom, Jennifer, said, “Everywhere else paled in comparison.”

One of the things that stood out to the family was the low student-to-teacher ratio as well as the unique inclusive learning opportunity. “It is very special to see children at such a young age develop an appreciation and acceptance of individual differences. My son has developed a special friendship that is reciprocated with a special needs little girl in his class. It warms my heart to see the two of them smile at one another and play together. She enjoys Carson as much as he enjoys her!”

Carson has benefited from attending SCEIC.  His family notes that he has shown tremendous cognitive growth. On tests of cognitive skills, Carson is testing at a 4 year old level- well above his current age.

Not only is SCEIC helping Carson gain academic skills, but we are also fostering an understanding of qualities and differences that make each person unique. Classmates have benefited from Carson’s modeling of proper social behavior. His teacher notes, “When Carson sees another child who doesn’t have a toy or isn’t playing, he always tries to include them in activities.”

Carson has learned that some students can’t communicate the same way he does. He has learned how to help a fellow student with visual aides that are used in the classroom to help students communicate their wants and needs.

Learning tolerance, acceptance and compassion are just some of benefits that role models gain from SCEIC’s inclusive environment. Carson is just one example of how students can make great strides, not just academically- but also socially. Carson is learning how others overcome obstacles and succeed, in spite of challenges. His experiences at SCEIC are providing him with an accurate view of the world as well as teaching that there are many ways to communicate, share, and collaborate and we can all be a part of activities and participate together!

Meet Madden - An Ongoing Success Story

Meet Madden - An Ongoing Success Story

Madden was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) when he was  one and a half  years old. His doctor referred him to Space Coast Early Intervention Center. . . He went from banging his head and crying all the time out of frustration of not being able to communicate to knowing over a 100 Sign Language vocabulary!

He loves SCEIC so much that sometimes he gets upset when I have to pick him up to go home. Between the amazing teachers, administration, and therapists Madden will have the ability to live a happy, normal life!

–Madden’s Mom