Thank you for your interest in serving the children of SCEIC!  Together we can make it possible for children with and without disabilities to grow up in a world where they will be recognized by their abilities and not their disabilities.

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How can you give your time to serve our children and families?

Let’s start by taking a virtual tour of our facilities.  Our administration offices are in the front of the building.  There you will find opportunities to use your gifts in management, technology, operations, marketing, fundraising, grant preparation, volunteer recognition, programming, or finance.

Our Front Desk is staffed continually during our hours of operation.  There is room for another warm friendly person to greet our children and their parents, make sure that visitors sign in, answer phones, and perform light administration duties Mon-Fri from 7:30am-6:00pm.

We have a resource room, fully stocked with all sorts of papers, paints, markers, and craft items used to make teaching aides.  Our teachers are always appreciative of a crafty volunteer who can organize, prepare, and create banners, visual aides, and projects to use in their classrooms.

Our indoor gym is one of our most magical rooms. It is filled with things that roll, a ball pit, things that swing, and FUN! It is a very large room and an extra set of eyes and hands to help the children swing or roll, to just cheer them on, or to tell them how great they are is a great help.

Our Early Experiences room is a special place where parents volunteer and attend with their children. Our early development specialists appreciate a helping hand to accomplish the tasks that enable them to empower the children and their parents.

Our classrooms focus on the developmental needs of all our children. They offer plenty of opportunities to hug, read to, laugh with, and enjoy the presence of children. They also can use people to help with hand washing, serving lunch & snacks, setting up projects, helping the children learn to pick up after themselves, playing computer games with the children.

There is special equipment used to help our disabled children get stronger and gain independence.  A cart, shelf, or set of steps built by a wood or metal craftsman could be the one thing that enables a child to take their first step!

Our boundless playground is more than just a place to play. Our butterfly garden, pottery center, and waterscape are more than places to have fun. These special sections offer unique learning experiences that can inspire children to explore their own world. This inspiration can be enhanced by having caring adults work alongside of them to maintain improve our landscape.

The playground itself abounds with chances to:

  • Offer a steadying hand while they step up to drink from the water fountain
  • Talk to a child about what they see through the windows in our fence
  • Push a swing
  • Help wash little hands

Just as our children have needs that go beyond the boundaries of our building, so does SCEIC.  Involvement in the community are very important aspects of our volunteer opportunities. Our diverse fundraising events  require many hands and many talents.  Our  events have been successful due to the hard work, dedication and creativity of our volunteers.

Our relationship with our community is not limited to our fundraising efforts. We are also advocates and representatives for disabled children to the world around us.  The need to carry the message of SCEIC into our community is not limited to be able to support our “Big” efforts.  We need people who can speak to small groups or to a parent in a grocery store and relay SCEIC’s vision and hope for the future.  We need Ambassadors in Brevard County and beyond.

In all we do, SCEIC strives to be a place that offers children a future without limits.  Our volunteers find that there are no limits on how their gifts can be used to help our children.  Won’t you join us in this precious mission?  Please fill out the application and email or call to schedule an appointment for a tour.

What can you expect in return for giving the gift of your time to our children?

  • A THANK YOU that comes from the depths of our hearts!
  • Experiencing miracles first-hand!
  • Restoration of your inner child
  • A good night’s sleep after a day on the playground
  • Getting “grandparent time” when your own grandchildren are far away or all grownup
  • Relive the wonder of watching children grow

And of course there are “hard” world benefits like:

  • Networking
  • Employee benefits for community involvement
  • Job experience for your resume

It all adds up to a profound satisfaction that you won’t gain any other way!

**Please note  volunteers must be 16 years or older and be able to take directions independently from a teacher or staff member to work in the classroom or playground with children.

Fill out an application.